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Community Youth Mapping

Community Youth Mapping (CYM) is a method of empowering and engaging youth in the community development process.

Through the CYM, youth actively participate in their own training and work in partnership with adults to conduct community development projects.

This visual presentation explains in 28 slides how to prepare a group of young people to conduct a participatory mapping exercise in order to identify community assets and needs and from there generate ideas for community development projects.

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Youth Community Development Project

Community development is facilitated by the ability of local people to mobilize resources and address local needs. Youth are in a position to be among the stable and long-term contributors that help guide this process. As youth engage in community development, they are empowered, they acquire new skills and become valued citizens of their communities. This 16-slide presentation explains the various steps involved in developing a youth-focused community development project based on the ABCD approach (Asset Based Community Development).

Youth Community Development Project.pdf
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The Team System

The Team System is a key element of the Scout method. It is not only a way of working in small groups, it is a tool for empowering young people.Through the team system,  young people learn to evaluate the group's life and activities, experiment with values and collective rules, set goals and plan projects to achieve them. 

This visual presentation explains in 37 slides what are the components of the team system and what is its real purpose. 

It is a training tool for those interested in Scouting and other cooperative educational approaches.

The team system, a tool for empowerment.
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